Découvrez le nouveau clip bouillant d’ABRA

Célébrez la sortie du nouvel EP de la Darkwave Duchess ABRA avec le clip de ‘CRYBABY’. Réalisé par Zaiba Jabbar, cette nouvelle vidéo vous plonge dans un décor bien old school : le désert, une maison abandonnée, du roller dans une piscine vide, du basketball et un mystérieux flirt sur une balançoire. Rien ne manque au décor nineties de cet excellent titre extrait de l’EP Princess.

En ses propres mots :  “the song is about emotional vulnerability, people being reckless with your emotions and then being confused or angry when you finally react… I felt really strongly about putting the ‘crybaby’ dance in the video. It’s dance I remember from my childhood that resembles a child crying and throwing a tantrum, but is also highly sexual. This, to me, is loaded with symbolism. On one hand, emotions and vulnerability can be very sexy. On another hand, the up and down motion of the dance signifies the back and forth I’ve often had with myself.”

Commandez/Ecoutez PRINCESS

 « 808 jams, electrofunk basslines and crashing synths—the type of mix that suits bedrooms, car stereos and clubs alike, so long as it’s dark outside”


 « Those jaunty synths! That clattering, crisp percussion! Sweet vocals about dark things that sigh and fade! ‘Crybaby’ has it all, while retaining a touch of the cloudiness that’s always been a part of her work.”

New York Times

 “‘CRYBABY’ might be my favorite thing she’s ever done: an echo-drenched, lip-glossed vocal over a beat that bridges the difference between Miami 808s and perfect ‘80s freestyle”